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Sealing Rubber High- Technology(FFKM,FFPM,PERFLUOROELASTOMER)

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Sealing Rubber(O-ring)

Sealing high- technology:


Chinese Standard GB3452.1-92

USA Standard AS568A

German Standard Din 3701

Japanese Standard JIS B2401

International Standard ISO3601

Other Standard type


1.       Mechanical technology

2.       Aerospace and Defense

3.       Marine drilling, oil and gas

4.       Cars, heavy trucks, trains, ships

5.       Water treatment

6.       Nuclear,water power,wind power

7.       Food,drink

8.       Conductor etc


FFKM Perfluoroelastomershave a strong Corrosion resistance, high temperature



a.  good character,high work time,it works about8 times than comman seal,20 times max

b.  work pressure:0-300MPa, work temperature:-55-250 ,work speed: ≤15m/s

c.  Applicable medium: hydraulic oil, gas, water, mud, crude oil,emulsion, water - ethylene glycol, acid

X-ring,U-ring,Hydraulic seals,highpress seals(1090),PTFE,FFKM perfluoroelastomers, etc(wecan produce what you ask)


1.       FFKM

A.Excellent corrosion resistance, almost all chemicals, including acids,alkalis, ketones, esters, ethers, aldehydes, amines, alcohols, strong oxidizingagents.

B.Excellent heat resistance, long-term temperatureup to 316 .


2.       Tetra-Fluoroethylene/PropyleneFEPM

Work temperature:0230

 Applicable medium:    Alkali     Phosphate ester     Amine    · Engine oil     · Hot water and steam

   Pulp fluid

 Not applicable Media:     · Aromatichydrocarbon fuel     · Ketone    Chlorinated hydrocarbons

3.       Polychloroprene(CR)

Work temperature-40℃~100℃, 125 maxtemporary

Applicable medium:

    LowDPI mineral oil, such as ASTM No. 1 oil

   Ethylene glycol-based brake oil, a variety of organic acids and inorganic acids

   Silicone oil and silicon ester     Low temperature waterand aqueous solution

    ·Refrigerant     · Ammonia water     •Carbon dioxide

 Restricted Media:

    ·Naphthyl mineral oil (IRM902 oil and IRM903 oil)

   Small molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbons (propane, butane, fuel)

   Ethylene glycol-based brake fluid

 Not applicable Media:

    ·Aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene)     · Chlorinatedhydrocarbons (trichloroethane)

   Polar solvents (alcohols, ketones, esters)

4.       Ethylene Propylene (EPDM)

Work temperature-55℃125℃150℃ temporary

Applicable medium:

    Hotwater and steam

   Ethylene glycol-based brake fluid, silicon-based brake fluid

    Avariety of organic acids and inorganic acids

    •Detergents, soda, and potassium hydroxide

    ·Phosphoric acid ester hydraulic oil

   Silicone oil and silicon ester

    Avariety of polar solvents (alcohols, ketones, esters)

 Not applicable Media:     · Mineralgrease, fuel oil

5.       Epichlorohydrin Rubber (ECO)

Work temperature-40℃~125

Applicable medium:    mineral oil

6.       Butyl (IIR)

Work temperature-40100125℃  temporary max

Superheatedwater and steam (121 )

   * Ethylene glycol-based brake oil a variety of organic acids and inorganicacids

   Salt solution     Polar solvents (alcohols, ketones,esters)

   Silicone oil and silicon ester     · Resistance to ozone,aging, weathering

 Not applicable Media:

   · Mineral oil, ester     · Fuel     Chlorinated hydrocarbons

7.       Nitrile(NBR)

Work temperature-25100

Aliphatichydrocarbons (butane, propane), engine oil, fuel oil, vegetable oil, mineraloil

   · HFA, HFB, HFC hydraulic oil     Low temperature acid,alkali and salt     Water

Not applicable Media:

   High aromatic content of fuel

   · Aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene)

   · Chlorinated hydrocarbons (trichloroethane)

   Polar solvents (ketone, acetone, acetic acid, ether)

   Strong acid

   Ethylene glycol-based brake fluid

8.       Polyacrylate (ACM)

Work temperature-30~150175℃ max temporary

Applicable medium:

   · Mineral oil (engine oil, gear oil, ATF oil)

Not applicable Media:

   · Aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons

   · Hot water, steam

   Acid, alkali, amine

   Ethylene glycol-based brake fluid

9.       Ethylene-Acrylic Elastomer(AEM)

Work temperature-30~150 175℃ max temporary

Applicable medium:

   · Mineral oil (engine oil, gear oil, ATF oil)

   · Ozone     · Oxidant

Not applicable Media:

   · Ketone     · Fuel     · Brake Fluid

10.     Polyurethane(UR)

Work temperature-40100120℃ max temporary

Applicable medium:

   · Pure aliphatic hydrocarbons (propane, butane)

   · Mineral oil, ester

   Silicone oil and silicon ester

   Water resistance 50

Not applicable Media

   Ketones, esters, ethers, alcohols

   · Hot water, steam, alkali, amine, acid

11.    Fluorocarbon (FKM)



   · Mineral oil, ASTM No. 1 oil IRM902 oil and 903 oil

   Non-flammable HFD hydraulic oil

   Silicone oil and silicon ester

   Mineral and vegetable oils and fats

   · Aliphatic hydrocarbons (butane, propane, natural gas)

   · Aromatic hydrocarbons (toluene, xylene)

   Chlorinated hydrocarbons (trichloroethane, carbon tetrachloride)

   · Gasoline (including high-alcohol gasoline)

   High vacuum

Not applicable Media:

   Ethylene glycol-based brake fluid

   Ammonia, amines and alkalis

   · Superheated steam

   Low molecular weight organic acids (formic acid and acetic acid)

12.     Hydrogenated Nitrile(HNBR)


Aromatic hydrocarbons

   · Vegetable and animal oils and fats     · HFA, HFB, HFChydraulic oil

   · Moderate temperature of low concentration of acid, alkali, salt

   Water and steam (149 )

Not applicable Media:

   Chlorinated hydrocarbons     Polar solvents (ketones,esters, ethers)        Strong acid

13.     Fluorosilicone (FSI)


   · Aromatic hydrocarbon mineral oil (IRM 903 oil)     · Fuel

   Low molecular weight aromatic hydrocarbons (toluene, xylene)

14.     Silicone Rubber (Q)

Work temperature-60-115℃ special)~204special to 260

· Animal and vegetable oils and fats

   High molecular weight chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons

   · Medium water resistance

   Low concentration of salt solution

   · Resistance to ozone, aging, weathering

 Not applicable Media:

   • Superheated steam above 121 ° C

   Acid, alkali

   Small molecular weight chlorinated hydrocarbons (trichloroethane)

         Hydrocarbon-based fuels