high purity iron,ultra low carbon magnetic iron,electric magnet iron,Iron Cathode

electric steel are used as iron core,raw material of super alloy,lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4)(battery)

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address:no.12 team,shengli road,qingpu,shanghai,china


high purity iron


High purity iron billet,electric steel,electricmagnetic iron, ultra low carbon magnetic iron bar, low carbon steelsoft magnetic iron barSUYB-1, Pure iron(SAE AMS 7707C Iron) ingot iron, iron billet,soft iron, Armco Pureiron, iron remelt ingot, Melting Grade Pure Iron BilletASTM A848magnetic iron(alloy 1), IronCathode, electrolytic iron weresupplied by us, The chemical composition and physics characteristics, such asthe coercive force is better than the International Standard. Our fabricationplant is equipped with large cutting machine, shearing machine, sawing machine,punch, lathe, mill machine, annealing furnace, and rattle barrel to meet thedifferent needs of users. We check and audit the quality according to thequality certificate strictly.

Trademark B-B:

C 0.003 Si 0.01 Mn 0.13 P 0.009 S 0.006 Cr 0.02 Ni 0.02Al 0.03 Cu 0.02

Trademark B-BC:

C 0.002 Si 0.01 Mn 0.08 P 0.006 S 0.005 Cr 0.01 Ni 0.01Al 0.01 Cu 0.01

Trademark B-CC:

C 0.002 Si 0.003 Mn 0.02 P 0.003 S 0.002 Cr 0.005 Ni 0.005 Al 0.005 Cu 0.004

Trademark B-D:

C 0.002 Si 0.003 Mn 0.02 P 0.004 S 0.0005 Cr 0.005 Ni 0.005 Al 0.005 Cu 0.004

Trademark B-CD:

C 0.002 Si 0.005 Mn 0.0005 P 0.0015 S 0.009 Al 0.005 Ni0.005 Cr 0.002 Cu 0.0015

Trademark B-CE

C 0.002 Si 0.003 Mn 0.02 P 0.005 S 0.005 Cr 0.01 Ni 0.01Al 0.005 Cu 0.004 Ce 0.2 min

Trademark B-CL

C 0.002 Si 0.003 Mn 0.02 P 0.005 S 0.005 Cr 0.01 Ni 0.01Al 0.005 Cu 0.004 La 0.2 min


C 0.002 Si 0.005 Mn 0.0005 P 0.001 S 0.0002 Cr 0.001 Ni0.005 Al 0.002 Cu 0.0005

Type mm :
Medium plate and steel billet 8-250 ,plate coil 12-25 ,straight round steel dia6.5-dia300,round steel coil,cold drawn plate coil 0.5-2.5   tube,etc.
We can produce the special type which you ask

We can add rare earth into the high purity iron,welcometo ask

Appliance of trademark from B-B to B-CL,B-EA:

The raw material of all kinds precise alloysuperalloy,electric alloy,soft magnet,amorphous alloyand permanent magnet such as NdFeB,lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4)(battery)   etc.