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Al (Refining agent, slag breaking agent, covering agent, furnace cleaning agent, refiner, remover)

nametrademarkquantity(add) percentage 1000kgconditionapplicationpackage
Granular refining agentM-A0.025-0.1%730-750℃Quickly remove alkali metal {sodium, calcium and lithium} and non-metal oxide impurities in the melt,When used together with inert gas, it can also enhance the degassing function2kg/bag 20kg/box
Aluminum alloy degassing refining agentM-B0.2-0.5%>680℃This product has excellent degassing performance and can significantly reduce the gas content of aluminum parts.0.25kg/piece 20kg/box
Aluminium(copper)Alloy slag agentMC-A0.1-0.3%water<0.5% Particle size 30-50 meshUsed for non-high magnesium aluminum alloys, suitable for use in furnaces at high temperatures.
It has the functions of cleaning and covering the slag on the furnace wall.
2kg/bag 20kg/box
MC-B0.1-0.6%Used for smelting and casting of pure aluminum and aluminum alloys
MC-C0.1-0.15%Used for smelting sodium aluminum and aluminum alloys and strontium
Separation of aluminum slag from deteriorated aluminum-silicon alloy
MC-D0.1-0.3%Used for copper alloy slag cleaning and refining
Aluminum alloy covering agentMD-A0.2-0.4%700-760℃Aluminum alloys other than pure aluminum and high magnesium alloys2kg/bag 20kg/box
MD-B0.2-0.4%Used for high magnesium alloys since this product does not contain any sadium salt,
The sodium salt will not make the alloy "sodium brittle"
Aluminum alloy refining agentME-A0.1-0.2%730-750℃Aluminum alloys other than pure aluminum and high magnesium alloys2kg/bag 20kg/box
ME-B0.1-0.2%High silicon alloy
ME-C0.1-0.2%High magnesium alloy
Zinc alloy refining agentMF-A reverberatory furnace0.2-0.6%>430℃It effectively condenses non-metallic inclusions and protects zinc and zinc-based alloys from oxidation, removing slag inclusions from the metal melt. At the same time, the flux can react with the slag layer to effectively separate the metallic zinc and slag layers.2kg/bag 20kg/box
MF-B Crucible furnace0.5-0.8%
Furnace cleaning agentMG8-12kg/m2furance temperature>850℃Aluminum alloy reverberatory furnace, holding furnace and crucible furnace wall cleaning for gas2kg/bag 20kg/box
Titanium boron refiner agentMH0.5-2kg/metric ton(AL)>700℃Suitable for grain refinement during melting and casting of pure aluminum and general aluminum alloys. Improve the strength and plasticity of finished aluminum parts and improve overall mechanical properties0.5kg/piece 20kg/box
element remover agentMK-NA Aluminum sodium remover0.2-0.6%>720℃Limited removal of excess sodium in aluminum alloy, while having good degassing and slag removal effects10kg/bag 20kg/box
MK-CA Aluminum Calcium recover(original Ca minus object Ca)%*Al weight*(15-20)>730℃Limited removal of excess calcium in aluminum alloy, while having good degassing and slag removal effects
MK-MG Aluminum Magnesium recover(original Mg minus object Mg)%*Al weight*(4-6)Limited removal of excess magnesium in aluminum alloys, while having good degassing and slag removal effects